A Nut Milk Bag for Cold Brew Coffee. Who Knew?

It’s summer, people! Volleyball, lazy days on the beach, hanging out with friends, drinks by the pool. Speaking of drinks, what better accompaniment is there to a hot summer’s day that a nice cup of iced coffee?  The problem with a really hot day is that the ice melts a little too fast, and adds extra water to the coffee you just made with water. 

So what’s the solution? Cold brew coffee.  Cold brew coffee is made by immersing finely ground coffee in water overnight and straining out the grounds the next morning.  What remains is a rich liquid coffee that is concentrated enough to withstand some extra ice cubes without getting diluted.  The other thing you can do is leave the mix of grounds and water in the fridge overnight while you’re cold brewing so that the concentrate is already cold. What you can do is add your milk, soy milk, rice milk, cashew milk, almond milk recipe (more on this below!), condensed milk, etc. straight to the concentrate, and not even have to worry about watered down iced cold brewed coffee.  

One problem people run into with cold brew is thinking they need a system or a machine to make it. Not true! It can be as simple as having a strainer or better yet: a nut milk bag.

Nut Milk Bags

You may have heard these products referred to as a juice strainer bag, a filtration bag, nut milk strainer or a sprouting bag. It’s commonly used as a Vitamix accessory, and is an amazing cheesecloth substitute that some use for juicing without a juicer and making juice. What most people don’t use it for, but should, is a homemade cold brew coffee recipe.

Best Nut Milk Bag Reviews and Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Best Nut Milk Bag for Cold Brew Coffee, Juicing without a Juicer, Almond Milk Recipes, Dairy Free and Cheesecloth Alternative Substitutes

Where to Buy a Nut Milk Bag: You can find one at Whole Foods, or Walmart, or online.  It can be no-sew, even. You could even make your own. 

This is how you use it: pour the entire mixture into the strainer bag. The microns become important because you don’t want any of the grinds to get through, otherwise your cold brew will be gritting.  A fine mesh nylon bag is best. 

To find out where to buy the best nut milk bag, homemade cold brewed coffee recipe, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_brew check out the links.